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Garden Guides

What are Garden Guides?

Garden Guides are volunteers trained to give educational tours of the garden. The tours focus on ecology, botany, beauty, and the garden’s history. We use an inquiry-based approach to exploring Gamble’s historical “garden rooms” and specialty gardens including the camellia, native plant, pollinator, rain gardens, and more. Our tours are designed for adults, families with children, and school groups.

Garden Guides provide free tours during our Second Saturday events and are available to give customized tours on unique parts of the garden.

For more information or to arrange a tour, please call Gamble Garden at 650-329-1356.

Garden Guides: Arid Walking Tour of Gamble Garden

Garden Guide Doug Kalish has developed a 30-minute walking tour at Gamble Garden to help you understand what plants do to survive in hot, dry environments. By using the succulents, cacti, and grasses of Gamble Garden as examples read how plants that live in arid environments have evolved adaptations that conserve what little water is available in the desert and Mediterranean areas and how they protect themselves from the heat of the day.

This guide can be accessed on your cellphone and use it to walk around the garden, or you can do an ‘armchair’ tour by reading the text and looking at the pictures in your home. You won’t need to know a lot of science to understand the tour, and you can skip over any topics that don’t interest you.

You can view the tour on Doug’s website –

How to Become a Garden Guide

The Garden Guide program is a great way to learn more about Gamble Garden while sharing your love of nature with others. People who complete the training will lead tours six to twelve times per year, including at our popular Second Saturdays. Guides choose flexible schedules and have the option to lead garden tours for adults or educational nature tours for families. With additional training, guides will have the opportunity to provide tours for Gamble members, private groups, and elementary school groups.

Garden Guides and all the volunteers at Gamble Garden provide over 35,000 hours a year of volunteer work and are our lifeblood.

Volunteering at Gamble Garden is a great way to contribute to your community, meet new friends, use your talents, and learn new skills. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Garden Guide, please visit our Volunteer page.?

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